How to Hire an Honest Lawyer

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Caution: Lawyer Ahead!

Why is a drowning lawyer safe from shark attack?

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Why are there so many lawyer jokes?

Perhaps it's because some lawyers, if not the vast majority of lawyers, cannot be trusted to do their very best to represent clients' interests, and far too many are far too willing to twist the law completely beyond recognition so they can win their cases at any cost!

How can you find an honest one to represent you when the chips are down ... a lawyer who won't cheat you, one who will do everything that should be done and charge reasonably?

This tutorial gives my insights after nearly 20 years of practicing law, seeing clients cheated by lawyers who took their money and promised the moon and stars, secretly knowing they could not possibly win and yet encouraging their clients to keep fighting - just so they could get their clients' money.

Other lawyers took their clients' money, made a few phone calls, wrote a few letters, and did little or nothing to win the case ... then, when the clients lost, told the clients, "There was no way we could have known this would happen," ... when they knew all along they weren't doing a proper job.

Don't let this happen to you!

Learn how to choose a lawyer who will work for you.

Learn how to guarantee that the lawyer you hire will do what's best for YOU!

Learn how to know when you've been the victim of legal malpractice.

Know what you need to know before you hire a lawyer.

Why risk being cheated by a member of my profession, when you can learn from a lawyer what to look for and what to look out for?

There are few people better to know than a good lawyer.

There is nothing worse than a bad one!

Protect yourself with this tutorial!